How to decorate the garden

In our country, land design has been playing an important role in the organization and construction of country houses and villas for more than a decade. And this is not by chance. Beautiful design rightfully occupies a leading place. This is due to the current pace of life, which makes people work and achieve their goals as soon as possible. But do not forget about the rest. A well-furnished cottage is a wonderful place where a tired person is able to gain strength. Nature and man are beautifully made for each other. If you put some effort into building up to nature, it will fully reward its creator with peace of mind and new forces to conquer greater heights.

Evaluate the site and future work

If you are interested in the design of garden plots with your own hands, then for inspiration you can see some photos. Thanks to them, you can find the perfect solution. Before you start decorating a garden, it is important to evaluate your site and make its approximate plan. You can use a computer program in this case, and if you do not know how to be friends with a computer, then you do not need to despair. Arm yourself with a pen and notebook and go to your yard. It is necessary to sketch on a sheet of paper a rough plan of your site. Mark in the notebook the house and those buildings that are involved, as economic. The plan should indicate the location of the cardinal points. And it is also necessary to assess the configuration of the site. Write about your soil and mark all the irregularities that exist on it. If the house was recently built and there are no landings next to it, then this is a good situation. But in practice it is quite different. And so we all want to change the situation and produce an inexpensive landscape design of the summer cottage. As a rule, cheap materials or materials that are available at hand can be used here. Think about the planning of the garden plot. What changes will you make in this case? If you intend to move the garden, then in advance think about the work that will be carried out.
On a separate sheet are those plants that are already growing in the country. In a separate column, indicate those trees and plants that are not worth replanting. You can quickly and cheaply change the setting in your garden through perennials. Buy with the plants do not need. Enough to ask friends who can give you their shoots.

We are looking for materials for the arrangement.

Old trash, for sure, is at your cottage. As a rule, it is stored in sheds or storerooms. Suitable for garden design items you just will use. In this case, the decoration of the garden can be involved: boards, logs, old tires from the car, holey barrels and buckets, pieces of reinforcement. For arrangement of small mini-beds can even use holey shoes. And the old bath and a broken stroller can be used as a flower bed.

Planning an economical garden design

It is important to say at the outset that without spending the money it is impossible to improve the plot. Therefore, it is necessary to first calculate the amount of finance that you can allocate for improvement. Below we describe the sequence of actions by which your garden will become more attractive.