Stone garden ornaments

Stones also represent a category of natural materials, only using them, often in an unprocessed form. They are beautiful initially. Stones give an idea of ​​the power of nature and beautifully demonstrate the timelessness of time. Not without reason, this material is so loved by Japanese designers, who break up huge and miniature philosophical gardens. It is difficult for Slavs to grasp the very essence of contemplation, therefore stones appear in a more prosaic form in the garden decor of the suburban area. Paths are paved with them, curbs are made, alpine slides are constructed. It is unimportant how the stone will be laid out when decorating the site with his own hands, he is guaranteed to improve the territory. Even a handful of gravel poured under a flower or scattered around the reservoir will be enough to give these elements of elegance, what can we say about the granite blocks or marble in the garden landscape. To decorate the garden, you can use and relief irregularities. They are decorated with bushy flowers and stones. Of them are rockeries, dry streams. A stone path paved through a stream will be appropriate.
What is the main thing in working with stone? First of all, the availability of resources and, of course, fantasy. Finding a stone placer somewhere on the threshold of the mountains is much easier than gathering the right amount of material in the field. In the second case, to decorate the garden area, boulders, crushed stone, rubble stone, decorative dumping, etc. - will have to buy.

We decorate reservoirs

The pond itself is a great decor for the garden, however, this object can be improved in its attractiveness. To do this, you will have to arrange waterfalls or fun fountains inside the makeshift ponds and lakes. You can admire the sounds of the murmur of the falling water and a rainbow from the water dust formed by intersecting jets both in the afternoon and in the evening. Lucky ones can be considered those through whose section a stream runs - it will also make an excellent decoration of the dacha. However, in this case, the emphasis should be placed not on the fountains, but on the arrangement of the thresholds, with the help of which a real cascade of waterfalls is formed. It is easy to imitate a similar natural stream. All that is needed is the presence of a functioning water supply system in the house. Thresholds, in an artificial stream, it is better to replace with a small composition of the jets escaping from under the water column. This effect will help organize the fountain nozzles. The illuminated pond will also perform as an original garden decoration. In the evening, the iridescent palette of the water surface will make an indelible impression. The sets of lamps of the above-water and underwater structures are not so expensive as to refuse such pleasure in the garden decor. How else to decorate the dacha plot in the area of ​​the reservoir? Figures and statues. It can be turned into a fabulous lake, surrounded by gnomes or populated with mermaids. It’s a good idea to have an earthen jar, forgotten on the beach, which turned over on a round pebble and pours the water collected in it back into the pond.

Original flower beds against traditional flower beds

Flowers to decorate the garden area used for a long time. Flowerbeds with petunia, peonies, fragrant tobacco, roses - can be found at any farmstead. Usually, these landscape objects are given the correct shape and are standardly fenced with plastic or diagonally stacked bricks. And what if instead of one sprawling flower beds make several small flowers? This will not entail material costs and will not send in search of exotic plants.

To revive the usual picture in front of the window will help have lost their relevance, even in unpretentious dacha life, objects, like:


worn out furniture;

various utensils.

Take a look! For the decoration of the plot with their own hands, in a barn there will probably be found a leaky trough, a rusted car, a leaky pan, a lonely shoe. All this wealth is not difficult to transform into something, amazing imagination. In many cases, the ground simply needs to be poured into the container. If you have a place to decorate the garden, you can make a whole bed. In general, the raw materials for the realization of copyright ideas are often, in the literal sense, underfoot. Decorating the summer cottage is not necessarily the destruction of an already created one. If the decor for the garden was originally planned all kinds of stationary flower beds, the location and the appearance of which you are completely satisfied, try to refresh the situation by updating their appearance. How? Well, let's say, build a shtaketnik of pegs or braid them with an elastic rod, like a tyn.